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Red Hat is the most trusted supplier of Linux and Open Source technologies. Its Global Learning Service stands as the worldwide leader of training and certification in the Linux space, in Open Source software, in programming tools and languages. OpenTech became and stays the first training center certified Red Hat in Pakistan.

Red Hat offers a suite of courses focused on basic Linux administration skills. These courses provide an organized training path for those who are new to Linux or have limited experience with Linux administration and networking.


Why a Red Hat training from OpenTech?
Certified Red Hat engineers from OpenTech give unique hands-on performance-based training courses suitable for any company wishing to migrate its systems to Linux and train its team or for anyone willing to improve its own technical knowledge. Our students are already working in the heart of the IT world in Pakistan and constitute the backbone of the OpenSource infrastructure in the country.
Red Hat Training: Principles
Red Hat strives to have the most useful, practical, high quality training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux available. At the same time, Red Hat encourages and expects Red Hat Enterprise Linux users to view training as just one component of professional development and skills-building.

Training alone is not enough to become a competent user, operator, system administrator or engineer. Appropriate levels and quantities of work experience, reading, research, plus staying current with technology, with best practices, and with user communities are all essential to turning the skills and knowledge in a training program into high quality professional performance on the job.

These courses are designed to provide rapid introduction to essential knowledge and skills, not turn someone into an expert in a week. They are designed to create a basis for further development and real-world practice. Good training can provide a foundation; the participant must do the rest.
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